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CSDM (Centre for Sustainable Development in Mountainous Areas), is a non-government development organization  registered under the umbrella of Vietnam Unions for Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) as recognized through Vietnam Government’s Decision N035.
CSDM has been actively involved with Ethnic Minority communities in mountainous areas since its establishment in 1998 and was formally registered as a different legal entity with the Decision 200QD, 17 October 2000 through Vietnam Geology Association.
CSDM has a central management board composed of program coordinators and individuals who carries out the management role of the organization.

Our shared vision is to ensure all disadvantaged people and Ethnic Minority groups able to realize their rights, enjoy the best quality of life, preserve rich cultural heritage and transmitted to future generations. All Ethnic Minorities shall have the sense of pride and the dignity of being a distinct people, empowered, capable and self-reliant in all aspects of their lives.


  • Improve the quality of life of Ethnic Minorities by ensuring food security; develop livelihood programs that are sustainable and environmentally sound. 
  • Promote sustainable management of natural resources based in indigenous knowledge in harmonization with modern methods and techniques. 
  • Revitalize the transmission of Ethnic Minority’s rich cultural heritage to new generation, enable them to preserve and use in all forms of social development. 
  • Build, support, develop and strengthen the capabilities of community based organizations (CBO’s) and promote cooperation among communities and organizations. 
  • Establish advocacy networks and organizations, mutual cooperation, partnerships and coordination at different levels; local, national, regional and international in support for Ethnic Minorities in mountainous areas.

 CSDM 5 Main Program components

1.   Ethnic Minority and Grassroots Democracy Program
  • Effective Self-Governing Community 
  • Grassroots Democracy Ordinance implementation and realization in ethnic minority communities 
  • Local Fatherland Front participation in monitoring grassroots democracy implementation 
  • Formation of Legal Aid Clubs at commune level 
  • Capacity building and assistance in Commune and Village development planning 
  • Ethnic minority policy advocacy development (local and national)
 2.   Ethnic Minority Community Capacity Building
  • Skills Enhancement Trainings and Workshops for local officers and peoples 
  • Strengthening capacity for ethnic minority people mass organizations: women, youth, farmers 
  • Basic Laws Education/Training 
  • Grassroots Democracy Education/Workshop 
  • Indigenous Knowledge education/ workshop 
  • Community Preventive Health Care Education 
  • Healthcare Education for Women and Children 
  • Community participation and Infra-structure projects development 
  • Capacity building on Climate Change and REDD
 3.   Sustainable Natural Resources Management and Climate Change & REDD (Adaptation and Mitigation)
  • Community based natural resources management 
  • Sustainable Organic Agriculture 
  • Community forestry 
  • Community food security program through multi-cropping agriculture and nurseries 
  • Ethnic minority Community based adaptation and mitigation to Climate Change 
  • Climate Change/REDD education/workshop 
  • Bio-diversity Conservation and Management 
  • Community Risks and Disaster Management
 4.   Advocacy at local, national and international levels
  • Case Studies and Researches on Ethnic Minority issues 
  • Forest land rights advocacy 
  • Ethnic minority language education advocacy 
  • Ethnic minority traditional/indigenous culture advocacy 
  • Advocacy to government bodies, entities and officials at different levels 
  • Advocacy to Vietnam Fatherland Front 
  • Advocacy to international institutions on ethnic minority issues in Vietnam 
  • Advocacy at regional and international levels on indigenous peoples’ issue 
  • Organizing and participation to fora, community dialogues, exposures and exchange programs
5.   Preservation and promotion of Indigenous Knowledge
  • Formation of local network associations for IK preservation and promotion (VTIK, Traditional Cultural Arts Clubs, Community Herbalist Clubs)
  • Documentation and collation of ancient scripts and literatures, traditional songs, dances and handicrafts
  • Reproduction through CDs and book types of ancient scripts
  • Transmission of indigenous knowledge to youth 
  • Identification and preservation of sacred grounds and places
  • Revitalization of traditional festivals
  • Promotion and preservation of herbal medicines, traditional healthcare and herbal indigenous species
CSDM National cooperation and Networks

  • Since 2005, starts its research and advocacy to Vietnam Fatherland Front.
  • CSDM is co-founder of Vietnamese Thai network for Indigenous Knowledge (VTIK)
  • CSDM is co-founder of Community Network on Indigenous Knowledge - Herbal Medicine and Traditional Healthcare
  • Support Traditional Cultural Arts Clubs in Van Quan District, Lang Son province.
  • Program and project collaboration with DWC, SRD, ITC , FOREWET and other local NGOs 
  • Member and networking with National REDD network, VRN, VNGO & CC.
  • Formation of Ethnic Minority Youth Volunteer’s Association.
CSDM International Networks and Alliance
  • Since October, 2001, active participant/member of The International Alliance of Indigenous-Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests (ITPTF)
  • Since 2001, active participant and a regular member of Asian Indigenous Peoples Pact Foundation (AIPP) Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Since 2002, active member of Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples Network (IKAP) and co- organizer of VI MMSEA (Mainland Mountainous Southeast Asia) conference.
  • CSDM is an active and regular member of IWGIA (International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs) and RECOFTC on Climate Change/REDD and Ethnic Minorities.
  • CSDM has a strong project collaboration with: Rutgers/World Population Foundation, Pathfinder International and Plan International on Ethnic Minorities Health projects in Vietnam
  • CSDM is an active partner organization of BIC (Bank Information Centre), CARITAS, VSO (Volunteer Services Overseas) in Ethnic Minorities Program interventions in Vietnam

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